Hardwood Flooring Services

Water Damage

Water Damage Restoration

We Can Fix Your Water Damaged Floors

Water is one of the most common sources of damage to hardwood floors. Wood floors near doors, sinks and tubs frequently become damaged from exposure to small amounts of water over time or from a large spill. Plumbing leaks or leaks from faulty appliances are another culprit when it comes to water damage. At Tallahassee Floor Finishing, we can handle all of your hardwood water damage repairs.

Insurance Claims

We Work With Your Insurance

If a large amount of water gets on the wood floors in your home, you may end up with damaged floors. Even small amounts of water can damage your floors if the floors get wet repeatedly. If water is not removed quickly, the water can damaged your hardwood floors by causing them to expand, warp, and buckle. Wet wood may also develop mold and cause your floors to rot. We work with your insurance agent to get your floors repaired.

Our Process

Water Damage Repair & Refinishing Process

For existing floors that have been damaged due to water leaks, our team of experienced craftsmen will make your floors look like new.  We remove and replace all damaged boards and structural material before blending new boards into your existing floor.  Typically we recommend refinishing the whole room or space to get the best visual results.